Voicemail Tips and Tricks

Last Friday, I was leaving a voicemail when my worst nightmare came true: I flubbed the message. First I gave the recipient the wrong information, then I paused a little too long in realization, and then I tried to correct my mistake and fumbled through the explanation. Tongue-tied and mentally kicking myself, I opened up my browser and frantically searched for a way to fix the situation. Luckily I found my answer before my message time ran out, and with a few key presses I was able to rerecord my message and pretend the mistake had never happened.

Before the blunder, I didn’t know how easy it was to start a message over.  I began to look for other voicemail tricks I might be missing out on, and scrolling through various service providers’ support sites yielded a lot of useful information. Here are just a few time and stress-saving tips to make messages easier:

If you’re already a voicemail pro, these tips may be old news. If that’s the case, and you know any other helpful hints, leave a comment and keep the rest of us in the loop!