We tried a popular third-party delivery service to see how customer experience is measured.

Our own experience made us wonder:

  • “Can restaurants be certain that their customers are receiving the same quality from a third party service?”
  • “Who is measuring the service standards from the time an order is picked up by a delivery service to the time it reaches the customer?”

The Experiment 

The Order

On this day, we had a craving for burritos. After placing the order, we received a standard order confirmation message. This was followed by a delivery update.

Michael delivered the food in a reasonable amount of time. The order was correct. So everything’s good, right?


A few minutes later, we were surprised to find that the only feedback option available was a general experience rating.

The Feedback

As an experiment, we responded with a “1” rating. We were then sent a link which led to the page shown.

That’s it.

No formulated strategy to provide in-depth feedback to the restaurant about our experience regarding important factors like:

– Delivery Time
– Packaging
– Food Presentation
– Food Quality & Taste

Just a word-dump option, with no measurable or comparable metrics.

Third Party Delivery - Mystery Shopping

The Solution

We offer an inexpensive, systematic way to determine how contracted delivery services are treating your food when it leaves the restaurant.

See how your guests experience your brand when relying on third party delivery services.

Third-Party Delivery Case Study:
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