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Customer Impact works with dozens of unique restaurant concepts nationwide. Let us measure your restaurant service to help ensure compliance, maximize sales and help you reward your stars. We can measure suggestive selling, menu knowledge, food quality, food and service timing, drive through and take away efficiency, telephone procedures, cleanliness, handling complaints, management visibility, cash register procedures and more.

Customer Impact reports give you the ability to quantitatively measure and track customer service levels and customer satisfaction. When you hire us, we will deliver a neutral and unbiased evaluation focused on the issues you’re concerned about most, and alert you to issues you may not have been aware of.

Customer Impact provides ACTIONABLE data on the performance of your business. When you hire us, we can measure your restaurant’s service to help make sure your employees are complying with regulations. We can provide tips and pointers that let you maximize sales. Our reports even help you reward top performing employees.

Customer Impact’s most common points of measurement are:

  • Suggestive selling

  • Fast casual

  • Menu knowledge

  • Food & service timing

  • Take away & drive through performance efficiency

  • Cleanliness

  • Telephone procedures
  • Handling complaints

  • Cash register procedures

  • Management visibility

  • Branding and much more!

Our restaurant mystery shopping experts will interact with your staff during everyday customer satisfaction and customer service situations. Their reports will give you unbiased and accurate feedback. Using their eyes, you can see both what your establishment is doing well and where additional training is needed.

As a restaurant owner, you want to know some things about your establishment that it’s hard to gather personally. You want to be sure your customers are being greeted with a smile when they enter, and getting shown to a table immediately if there’s an opening.

When you have specials or new items, you want the wait-person or hostess to make a point of offering them. You want your customers to be pleased with the way they’re served and treated. In short, you want to know what’s going on in your business when you’re not there.

Customer Impact will give you this insight. Our purpose is to give you, the restaurant owner, all the necessary data you need to improve your establishment’s appearance, food quality, employee attitude, operations, sales and profits. We tell it like it is. We’ll let you know how servers interact with patrons when you’re not around. Thanks to our reports, you’ll know if any employees act like they don’t care about the job or are outright rude to your patrons. If there are cleanliness, compliance, or food quality problems, it’s far better to find out from one of our reports than any other way.

The best way to get an advantage over your competition is by improving your business. Restaurant mystery shopping is a key tool that will let you do just that. When you hire Customer Impact, our custom programs will be created with your unique requirements in mind to give you the objective analysis that your establishment needs to excel.

Regardless of your location or restaurant concept, get in touch with us today to find out what we can show you about your business.

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