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Mystery Shopping Services

Customer Impact has thousands of mystery shoppers evaluating service standards and measuring the customer experience at all types of venues throughout the U.S.

  • Restaurants

  • Bars

  • Grocery

  • Retail

  • Hotels

  • Casinos

  • Convenience/Gas

  • Property Management

  • Healthcare

  • Sports & Entertainment Venues

  • Theme Parks

  • Home Improvement

  • Online Purchasing Experience

  • Third Party App Delivery Measurement

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Service Options:

  • In-person Mystery Shopping evaluations
  • Call Center customer service checks with audio recording
  • Online surveys
  • New product/promotional item testing & review
  • Customer satisfaction surveys via receipts or table-top collateral
  • Competitive activity/monitoring
  • Franchise compliance checks

Reporting Demo:

We service brands large and small.

  • All projects customized to meet the needs of our partners.
  • Offer “test drives” with small pilots to prove concepts.
  • Will take on one-time projects or ongoing coverage.
  • Competitive pricing for any budget.

Pricing considerations include:

  • Number of locations
  • In-store task time
  • Project complexity
  • Project timeline
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