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We can evaluate individual departments or have our evaluators check in overnight and evaluate all public areas. Typical hotel evaluations include reservations, check in, check out, restaurants, lounges, room service, guest rooms, housekeeping, maintenance, pool, spa and more. For spas we can book and evaluate any services available.

Hospitality Mystery Shoppers offer a unique and effective market research tool to help you know what your clients think of you and what you can do to “wow” them at all times. Mystery Shopping uses professional evaluators who perform customer shopping scenarios and provide you a report detailing every aspect of their experience. This feedback gives you valuable insight into customer satisfaction, and areas for quality improvement to achieve industry excellence. When you are in a hospitality driven business, using hospitality mystery shoppers is the perfect way to view your operations through the eyes of your guests.

Service and hospitality driven businesses build loyalty and win customers due to the benefits and features their facilities have. But, in order to make a lasting impression, they also require exceeding guests’ expectations and a stellar service.

Why Should You Invest in a Hospitality Mystery Shopping Program??Businesses usually invest in architectural planning, construction, managers, public relations, rent, advertising, décor, and countless other things, all with the final purpose of attracting guests. Further, a very intelligent way of maximizing sales performance and service is quality assurance, which can be done through Hospitality Mystery Shopping and has the ultimate result of retaining guests. After all, attracting customers is only the first part of the job; you have to also know how to retain them. So here are a few reasons to invest in such a program:

  1. When speaking of a memorable experience, guests usually cite the service issue, either in a good way or a bad way. Your competitors are eager to earn your guest’s business if they have a negative experience.
  2. It is five times more expensive to attract a new customer as to keep an already existing one. By providing your guest with the best possible experience, you will reduce your advertising expenditures, which will only result is lower costs and higher profits.
  3. The number one referrals’ source for restaurants, hotels, and many other businesses is word-of-mouth advertising. 95% of guests never communicate a negative experience to employees, but just never come back instead. Plus, if unhappy, a guest is more likely to tell up to 10 other people about his or hers negative experience, and the word-of-mouth will keep spreading to more people.
  4. The feedback provided by hospitality mystery shopping services will also include sales strategies and ways through which your employees can increase your guests’ experience which will lead to higher earnings for them and a more productive and happier working environment. After all, keeping your clients happy also means keeping your employees happy. Further, the employees are more likely to work at an increased performance level when knowing there might be a mystery shopper around.

If you include quality assurance reports in your employee training program, it is more likely for your staff to better understand what your expectations are, which will only result in reduced costs of hiring and training new employees.

If you are in a hospitality driven business, and are looking for ways to give your guests memorable experiences, Customer Impact is here to help you see your business through the eyes of your guests in order to help you improve and grow your business.

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