Grocery stores often serve a high volume of people each day. With this comes the expectation that their customer service standards will be followed for each and every customer. In order to evaluate their personnel in a real environment, our clients hire us to perform mystery shopping and give feedback on how these companies do and how they can perform better. This allows a better experience for each and every shopper.

These are a few things that can be expected of our service as mystery shoppers:

  • In grocery stores, we evaluate members of all departments and evaluate based on helpfulness, courtesy, demeanor, and appearance. We also evaluate customer service staff and front end staff usually consisting of cashiers and baggers. Neither the store personnel nor management know who is assigned as the secret shopper or the exact moment of arrival to ensure proper customer service testing.
  • We evaluate product availability, quality, and overall store conditions. As mystery shoppers, we also evaluate receipt accuracy. Full detailed reports of our visits will be presented after full evaluation is completed and properly reported to us.
  • In convenience store visits, our secret shopper makes a purchase and will evaluate all the same aspects of store conditions and staff as well as evaluate other amenities. This would include car wash services if provided or other services provided by the client.

As a client, you can expect us to properly evaluate and report our findings so you can make any needed changes to customer service or store conditions. As one of our mystery shoppers, we expect you to uphold our standards and properly evaluate our clients so that we may continue to attract the business of our clients. Together we can improve customer service standards of the community stores in which all of us shop.


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