Why is having a Mystery Shopping program so important?

The purpose of mystery shopping is to evaluate companies’ customer service practices and point out any flaws or weaknesses that may be present. Mystery Shopping provides a very straightforward way to see a business through the eyes of the consumer. This information helps decision-makers know the level of service provided to the customer and how that service is perceived. Overall, it’s a valuable information resource used to improve the average shopping experience for the everyday customer.

Companies gain loyal customers through the customer experience they provide. Employees are the face of a company, and exceptional service often results in the company establishing a positive reputation in the community. Digital and social media channels can have significant impact on brand reputation. A disgruntled customer can potentially discourage new customers from making a purchase when voicing their negative experiences online.

Poor customer service creates distance between the shopper and their next purchase. However, positive customer service builds trust and loyalty — creating advocates for your brand. Customers will continue to purchase, but also promote your company.

Customer Experience

It’s always important to let your customers’ voices be heard in order to find out where improvements can be made. Good business practices include constantly soliciting feedback through surveys and research.

One of the most proven and effective research techniques employed in all sales and service industries is Mystery Shopping.

How our Mystery Shopping programs work.

Mystery Shopping companies assess the quality of service that an establishment’s employees provide by simulating the experience of an actual customer. From the feedback provided by the mystery shopper, a business gets detailed information on their employees’ behavior, how well these employees understand the company’s products, and how the employees’ behavior affects the business’ objectives.

Our professional evaluators perform specific customer shopping scenarios, and then provide a detailed report about their experience.

Once the reports have been gathered, every submission is verified by our Quality Assurance team to ensure each and every reporting data point and photo meets your needs, and our standards. We contact our evaluators to ask follow-up questions and flesh out the details of their customer experience.

This feedback gives any organization valuable insight into their service, customer satisfaction, quality improvement, and industry excellence.

Mystery Shopping Services

Our Mystery Shopping Programs

We offer a wide array of services ideal for differing industry needs, preferences, and budget. Traditional or bespoke, our solutions can easily accommodate your business setup. Customized service plans ensure comprehensive results and accurate perspectives on your customer service and organizational structures.

Mystery Shopping Reporting Demo:


Curbside Pickup

Web Surveys

Dine-In, covert

Dine-In, reveal or reward


Franchise Compliance

Service Categories

Third-Party Delivery

Is your brand being treated properly by delivery partners?

Ensure third-party delivery services uphold the integrity of your brand and maintain the quality of service you expect, from pickup to plate.

  • Delivery time
  • Packaging
  • Presentation
  • Quality & Taste of Food

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Curbside Pickup

More people are choosing their meals based on ease, convenience, mobile ordering, and speed of service.

Evaluate your customer’s curbside experience, and make sure they’re satisfied with the level of service they’ve come to expect from your brand.

Web Surveys

A great way to measure interactions throughout the entire process of the customer experience

We offer a variety of Customer Satisfaction Surveys (CSAT) service options to fit your needs, preferences, and budget. Our solutions ensure comprehensive results and accurate perspectives on your customer service.

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Primarily used to measure how employees are performing in comparison to the standard operating procedures they were trained to follow.

This unbiased method of evaluation is objective and provides facts of what actually happened during a specific visit. Prior to the visit, our shoppers are provided with specifics regarding company and service standards.

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Reveal or Reward

Acknowledge an employee on the spot when performing/not performing a specific task.

Example tasks could include asking for an ID at a convenience store or mentioning a featured “item of the month” in a restaurant.


We use your service standards to see how you measure against your competitors.

Reports can include pricing comparisons, new items or service roll outs, and any other data points you are interested in gathering.

Franchise Compliance

Ensure that all franchises are providing the same level of service, offering the same promotional programs, providing the same POS materials, and more.

Additionally, we can check pricing compliance and report on the hours that franchise units are opening and closing.


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