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Mystery Shopping is an effective and unique market research tool using professional evaluators (Mystery Shoppers) to perform customer shopping scenarios and report on every aspect of their experience. Mystery Shopper feedback provides valuable insights which take the mystery out of service, customer satisfaction, quality improvement, and industry excellence.

Striving to be your preferred choice among mystery shopping companies, we offer a wide array of services ideal for differing industry needs, preferences, and budget. Traditional or bespoke, our solutions can easily accommodate your business setup to ensure comprehensive results and accurate perspectives on your customer service and organizational structures.

These include:

  • In person, covert shops
  • In person, reveal or reward shops
  • Video shops
  • Competitor shops
  • Franchise compliance shops
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In Person Mystery Shopping is used primarily to measure how employees are performing when compared to the standard operating procedures they were trained to follow. This UNBIASED method of evaluation is OBJECTIVE and provides FACTS of what actually happened during a specific visit. Our shoppers have the advantage of being armed in advance with specifics on exactly what the employees should be doing.

Reveal or Reward shops are used to acknowledge an employee on the spot if they performed or did not perform a specific task. These tasks could include asking for an ID at a convenience store or mentioning a featured item of the month in a restaurant.

Video shops are an effective way to measure the performance of sales employees. Have you wondered if your sales team is pointing out the facts and benefits of your product and trying to close the sale? Video shops clearly provide those answers.

Competitor shops have become very popular with our clients. As among the most well-staffed secret shopper companies in the industry, we can use your service standards to see how you rate head to head against your competitors. We can also report on pricing comparisons and keep an eye out for new items or services your competitors may be offering that you are not, so that you can readily map out a plan of counteraction.

Franchise Compliance shops are critical to ensure that everyone in the company is providing the same level of service, offering the same promotional programs, providing the same POS materials, and more. We can even check pricing compliance and report on the hours the franchise units are opening and closing.

Know the secrets to pleasing your clients and improving your services. Get in touch with your trusted mystery shopping company at 1.800.677.2260 today. You may also download our brochure for more information on how we help you collate data and reports that will grow your business.

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