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With over three decades of experience in the retail reconnaissance industry, we provide your brand or business with quality, real-time data to increase efficiencies and sustain industry growth. Serving a wide variety of clients, we pride ourselves on offering you a comprehensive approach to stay ahead of the competition.

Whether you need third party audits, feet on the street to serve as your field staff, or want to learn more about the competition…
Our international team of over 100,000 Impact Reps provides the eyes and ears needed to gather key insights about your stores or products.

  • Observational Retail Audits
  • Competitive Retail Audits
  • Merchandising in all types of industries (retail, pharmacy, big box, healthcare)
  • Focus Groups
  • Consumer Satisfaction
Customer Impact Retail Audits
We partner with leading technology platforms to provide you the flexibility and precision that your company deserves.

  • Mobile Data Collection
  • Real-time Results
  • Custom Reporting Dashboard
  • Export to Salesforce
  • Geo-stamped to verify time and location
Customer Impact Mobile Data Collection

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