Service Story You Can Share

Who would have ever thought that customer service would be an issue in church?  My idea of service in church is you either start on time or you do not.

My wife and I started going to a new church recently.  We were driving to Sunday service and halfway there, the skies opened up and it rained cats and dogs. My wife panicked, as she had forgotten her umbrella.  No worries – as we arrive, there are men ready and waiting at the entrance with logo umbrellas to usher in the people being dropped off.  While that is great – what about me?  I go park the car in one of the few open spaces in the back of the lot, which is now mostly flooded.  What do I see but a large covered golf cart pulling up behind my car.  I jump on the cart with six other men, and he drives us to the covered entrance, dry as a bone.  WOW!  The church not only provided volunteers to help everyone stay dry, they also provided logo umbrellas AND logo rain jackets for you to use to get back to your car after the service.

While I have never really thought about customer service in relation to which church I attend, it is apparent Brazos Fellowship has thought about it.  Gold star to them! 

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