Top Ten Shopper Mistakes2018-05-18T23:37:10+00:00


Here are some tips that will hopefully help you prepare a more appropriately formatted, complete report.

  1. Not commenting on the “No” answers. – Remember to check each one carefully and provide a direct, specific comment to address it.
  2. Not responding to an editor’s request for additional information. – Please be sure to check your email and voicemail within two to four days of submitting the report, and respond to any questions as soon as you are able. Remember that we have a responsibility to ensure that our clients receive their information in a timely manner.
  3. Not submitting the report within 24 hours. – All reports are due within this time frame. If you have extenuating circumstances and will not be able to meet the deadline, please let us know immediately. We are more likely to be able to work with you if you contact us right away, rather than waiting until several days after shop has been completed. Always check your shop log to ensure that your report is listed as “Completed” after you submit it. If it does not say “Completed,” then we do not have the report.
  4. Visiting the wrong location. – Check the address carefully, and if there is any question, contact us and ask.
  5. Performing the shop during the wrong dates or times. – Carefully make note of the dates and times required and ensure that you conduct your visit at the appropriate time.
  6. Not reading the shopper instructions AND the form before performing the shop. – Read all of the information you receive very carefully, and if you have any questions at all, please contact us. We are here to help and to make sure that you understand all of the requirements.
  7. Purchasing the wrong items. – Follow any purchasing/food ordering instructions exactly as they are written, and do not purchase too much or too little.
  8. Writing opinions instead of facts, and commenting more on what the shoppers did than what the employees did. – Keep your comments as objective as possible and focus on the staff and their actions, rather than your own actions.
  9. Not using spell check. – There is a spell check program available on the website that will check all sections for you. If that does not work for some reason, please use an online aid, like, or a word processing-type document, to check your spelling.
  10. Asking too many questions of the employees and giving yourself away. – Keep your questions to a minimum and act as though you are a normal customer. Try to be as inconspicuous as possible.