Mystery Shoppers are the lifeline of our business!

What our shoppers are saying:

“I have only been performing shops for about 6 months, but I have to say I enjoyed working with your company.  I feel like the guidelines were very clear and well written.  I also appreciated the required phone call to review the instructions before performing the shop.  Finally, this was by far the most clear form I’ve filled out so far.”

Linda P.

“With a lot of companies, the schedulers expect a response immediately from their shoppers, but when we email or call them, we are lucky to ever get any kind of response. So – for that – THANK YOU.

I have recently made the decision to only work with two companies on secret shopping – and one is Customer Impact.”

Kathy W.

“Everyone at Customer Impact is so nice!! I love when shops come available with you guys!”

Natalie S.

“I called with a stupid question, but you were patient and helped me. I wanted to make sure that you know there are shoppers who appreciate their schedulers. Thank you again for helping this morning.”

MaryAnn S.

“I am glad to be able to help you since you have been so wonderful to work with, always responsive and willing to adjust dates to fit my schedule. I really appreciate everything you do for me.”

Huma F.

“Anything for you guys – truly the best mystery shopping company out there. Always so respectful, kind, appreciative, not annoying. You also respond to e-mails, give good feedback.

All around fantastic company!”

Tera S.

“Customer Impact is my top favorite to complete assignments for. I like the change from my regular job.”

Richard W.

“Thank you for ALL you do for us shoppers!”

Erika B.

New Shoppers

If you are not a current mystery shopper and wish to join, please visit the New Shopper Sign-Up page and apply today to join our team.

Our Shoppers

We thank all shoppers who have completed shops on our behalf for your hard work in helping us gather the information that ultimately impacts our customers’ businesses.

Our goal is to ensure that our shoppers are fully equipped to perform your shops completely, accurately, and with the highest level of integrity. Please continue to visit this site for Helpful Links, MSPA Shopper Resources, and helpful Shopper Tips.

To learn more about mystery shopping, visit the Mystery Shopping Providers Association.

Scam Warning

Our company NEVER conducts mystery shops involving check cashing or money transfers. We NEVER ask shoppers to send us money. If someone posing as a representative of our company ever contacts you with a check, asking you to deposit it and wire money to anyone else, call us at 1.800.677.2260 before you try to cash the check. It’s almost certainly a scam!

We have also been made aware of a recent rash of unsolicited, generic emails being sent to people using our company name. If you receive any questionable email with our name on it or that does not come from someone you know works for Customer Impact, please do not hesitate to contact us and ask if it is legitimate. Emails from our company that request any kind of personal information will always come from a Customer Impact email address, We want to be sure all of our shoppers are protected!

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