We equip consumer goods manufacturers, retailers, and restaurants with location-based information and insights through Retail Audits & Surveys, Merchandising, and Customer Experience Measurement through Mystery Shopping.

Mystery Shopping

Businesses that take the time to measure performance in all aspects of the point-of-sale process take the guesswork out of building guest loyalty. Find ways to “wow” your customers by stepping outside of the box and viewing your business through their eyes.

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Customer Impact Mystery Shopping
Customer Impact Merchandising


Too often we hear merchandising and audit firms are coming up short in the areas of completion rate, client service, in-project communication, quality assurance, and technology.

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Retail Audits & Surveys

Whether you’re a new brand entering the market, or an established legacy – we have the experience and resources to audit your retail readiness at the point of sale.

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Customer Impact Retail Audits & Surveys
Scott Hiller - President of Customer Impact

“Customer Impact is committed to providing the customer experience research and retail solutions that improve the way you do business. Service quality, integrity, and capability powered our business to a breakout year in 2017. Now, we’re focused on proving to you that we are the go-to company for Customer Experience, Merchandising, and Retail Readiness evaluations.”
– Scott Hiller, President
Crate & Barrel Hostess Retail Heaven Hill NetSpend
Seirus Innovation Nite Ize Innovation Atkins Applebees
Pepsico Luxco OSA McAlisters Deli
Flemings Ruths Chris Nonna Pias Another Broken Egg

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