I have a new favorite store. It’s called Box Lunch, and I discovered it by chance just before Christmas, as I was wandering the mall shopping for gifts for my husband. The displays in the windows drew me in right away. I suppose it’s considered a “nerdy store,” which means it has lots of things I love, of course. Harry Potter merchandise, items from various TV shows, superhero gifts, Disney-themed items. They also carry jewelry, candles, notepads, games, T-shirts, and other similar goodies.

I have bought countless gifts there over the last six months, for multiple reasons. First, of course, the merchandise is great, and it’s all excellent quality. But even more importantly, the customer service is outstanding. Every time I go into the store, I am greeted within 15 seconds, by the friendliest of retail employees. They are always smiling, and there is an immediate offer of assistance. If I’m unsure of what I want, they take the time to talk with me about my preferences and make suggestions. If I go in with a plan and know exactly what I need, they leave me to myself, but always check in to make sure I’m doing okay. I never feel pestered, but I know they are there if I need anything. When I go in with my children, they have a stash of stickers behind the counter, which they are quick to pull out to make them happy. I have never once encountered an employee there who was unpleasant or unhelpful, which I think is pretty amazing.


Get Something and Give Back - Box Lunch

     Even more importantly than the stellar customer service, though, is the fact that when I make a purchase at Box Lunch, I know my money is being used for something good. For every $10 spent at the store or online, Box Lunch makes a donation to Feeding America to ensure that one person in need will have a meal to eat. When the sales person told me that on my very first visit, I was sold. I knew I would be back to make purchases there again and again for that reason alone. This is a company that truly wants to leave their mark and make the world a better place, and that is not something you see every day. Box Lunch is a company that just gets it, and I will continue shopping there as long as they are in business. Check them out! As their website says, you can buy something you love AND make a difference in someone’s life!  http://www.boxlunchgifts.com/