By Adrienne Dobson, VP of Operations

At this point, you’re well aware of the benefits of being a mystery shopper. You are contracted to visit various restaurants, retailers, or other businesses, and in turn are reimbursed for your purchases and even paid a fee for your time and effort. For some of our shoppers, it allows them to treat themselves to a nicer restaurant here and there, or to splurge on a product they would not have bought under normal circumstances. Well in addition to the typical product and financial gains of being a mystery shopper, I’m here to tell you about yet another way this industry can benefit you!

JOIN MSPAThe MSPA, the Mystery Shopping Providers Association, started as an organization of mystery shopping providers/companies, but now is open to mystery shoppers as well! If you were not aware of that, please go to to learn more and get signed up. One of the newest benefits of being a member of MSPA is their Abenity program. Abenity allows its members to save on an almost endless lists of products and services.  This ranges from restaurants, electronics, and everyday living, to health and wellness programs, and even to travel, attractions, and events. Once you become a member of MSPA, automatically enrolling yourself in the Abenity program, you have access to thousands of dollars in savings!

Think about it the next time you have to buy a set of tires, or plan a vacation, or even just order pizza for a night in… Abenity could have saved you money! This is of course only one of many benefits to being a member of the MPSA, but it is definitely one that we are glad exists. Don’t forget to go to to get signed up today!