How should I communicate with my Scheduler?

You can contact your scheduler via email or phone. Some helpful tips when communicating with your Scheduler include: Be honest. The three P's: Prompt, polite and professional. Be clear and concise in your message and/or inquiry. Use proper capitalization, spelling, [...]

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How does CI determine which shoppers to schedule?

Factors include: Must meet the profile of the client Ability to complete reports as instructed Ability to produce a concise, complete report Ability to complete reports on time Ability to be objective Location MSPA certification Prior experience with our company [...]

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How does PayPal work?

Instructions below: Step 1: Go to and sign up for a free PayPal account. You can also learn about PayPal on their site, which will answer most of your questions. Click on HELP, and the most popular questions are [...]

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How will I be paid?

You will be reimbursed for actual expenses incurred; i.e. permitted food and drinks consumed while performing the shop. We do not reimburse for mileage. You will also be paid a set fee for completing the shopping report. In order to [...]

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How does reporting work?

The reports are to be completed immediately following your visit to ensure that the information reported is accurate and complete. You may not fill out the forms while performing the shop. Remember that the staff is not supposed to know [...]

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Who is Customer Impact?

Customer Impact is a mystery shopping company formed by Scott Hiller and Mike Green, founders of Speedmark Information Services and Green & Associates. They bring 40 years of mystery shopping experience to the company. Mike Green was past president, board [...]

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