Our goal is to help you understand conditions at retail by providing high-quality information through mystery shopping, customer feedback surveys, and other data gathering techniques. The most important aspect of providing our service, and the foundation of our company is captured by the following Code of Ethics statement:

“The guiding standard of conduct at our company will never compromise the highest level of business ethics, integrity, fair treatment, and both personal and professional respect in the way we deal with our customers, suppliers, employees, contractors and fellow workers.”
Scott W. Hiller, Founder

We’re an information company, and we enjoy the service we provide.

Thanks For Your Business!

Customer Impact now provides easy online payment on customer invoices.


Customer Impact is a mystery shopping company formed by Scott Hiller, Mike Green and Clay Tarro, founders of Speedmark Information Services and Green & Associates. They bring 40 years of mystery shopping experience to the company. Mike Green was past president, board member and charter member of the Mystery Shopping Providers Association. Customer Impact was formed to help smaller, local and regional clients enhance their customer service and grow into national clients. Customer Impact will work hard to provide the more personalized one-on-one service that smaller, fast growth companies require.

Click on the “Client Login” link at the top of any page. The link will take you to our Gateway reporting system.

Invoices will be sent via e-mail by default. If you need your invoices mailed to you please let us know. Payments for work completed will be sent to:

Customer Impact, LLC
Attn: Accounting
P.O. Box 130638
The Woodlands, TX 77393

Customer Impact now accepts payments by check, PayPal, credit card, direct deposit and by wire transfers. Details will be on your actual invoices. E-mail Chris Reynolds at creynolds@customerimpactinfo.com with any question.