Where Am I? Making Sure You Are At the Correct Location

By Travis Campbell, Customer Impact Scheduler It’s an unfortunate part of mystery shopping that sometimes, reports submitted by shoppers cannot be used.  The reason can often simply be that the shopper went to the wrong location, and the client cannot [...]

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Why Can’t I Complete This Shop Again This Month?

By Amber Simmons, Customer Impact Scheduler As a scheduler, I receive emails and calls from shoppers asking to complete a shop that they completed a month or two prior. Although I LOVE for shoppers to let me know their availability [...]

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Do you encourage good customer service or do you prevent it?

By Jessica Kasney, Customer Impact Scheduler In the mystery shopping industry, one of our main responsibilities is to evaluate customer service.  I implore you to ask yourself, what kind of customer are you? Here are 5 things that can help [...]

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To Get a Shop or Not (or Why is it that I apply for every shop in my area and I’m never assigned anything?)

by Barbry Booth, Senior Scheduler Occasionally we hear from a frustrated shopper who is unable to apply for a shop or has never been assigned a shop, no matter how many times they apply.  Unfortunately, there can be barriers that [...]

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