Tradition Reigns – Low Tech Grocery Flyer and coupons still popular

By Mike Green Despite massive changes in the grocery industry, low-tech, traditional grocery store flyers and cut out coupons are still essential and amazingly popular marketing tools for grocery retailers. Competitive pressures are intense, social media has changed how we [...]

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Improving Customer Service by Improving Employee Morale

By Sarina Rapini (Customer Impact editor) image by pixabay Trying to make your customers happy but ignoring the satisfaction of your employees is like sending an apathetic, unorganized, and unprepared army into battle. Customer service and employee morale [...]

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If you have not FAILED, you have not tried hard enough!

Barbry Booth - Scheduling Manager I love scheduling!  No, I really do.  Note, I did not say it didn’t have its challenges.  That’s definitely not the case, but hey, I’ve always been up for a challenge.  Of course with challenges [...]

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