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Customer Impact is the eyes and ears of almost 100 unique companies nationwide! As one of the premier mystery shopper companies, we help measure and reinforce service standards and brand compliance at thousands of locations each month, using mystery shopping, customer surveys, audits and more. With almost 200,000 mystery shoppers on the ground, we provide data quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.


Do you understand what your customers want? Having that understanding is essential to your success! Also essential is having the ability to measure the level of service actually being provided to your customers. The reality of today’s world is that companies do not always know what their customers want, need and expect. For those that do, how do you know if you are delivering on those wants and needs?

Customer Impact is one of the few mystery shopping companies that can help you measure both: what your customers want, and what your staff is actually providing. Our menu of services goes well beyond traditional mystery shopping of other secret shopper companies! While we do offer traditional customer service evaluations, such as mystery shopping and video shopping, we can also provide a number of other tools to help you understand the day to day operations of your business.

We have the ability to survey your customers and even your employees! This can be done though receipt generated web surveys, through recorded and non-recorded phone calls, or even with tablet surveys and exit interviews.

Our job is to provide you with the reliable and actionable data that you need to make key management decisions for your company. The data we collect can assist you with both the hiring and training of your staff, along with growing and developing the services and products you offer to your valuable customers. Unlike most companies that specialize in ONLY mystery shopping or customer satisfaction surveys, we can provide both. By combining this data, we can show you the results side by side, allowing you to see and evaluate the entire customer service picture. Let Customer Impact share their combined 40 years of customer experience measurement to help raise the bar on your service levels. What sets us apart from other mystery shopper companies is that we have experience in a wide variety of industries and operate worldwide.

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